Reservations, Preorders and Expressions of Interest

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  2. We will email you price and availability
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What can I order?

What can I order?

Here are some of the product lines that we can order in for you:

Games Workshop Dungeons & Dragons Board games Pokémon Star Wars: Legion Yu-Gi-Oh Card games Pathfinder WizKids Magic: The Gathering Star Wars: X-wing Battletech Lorcana

If in doubt, please ask!

Pre-release: We can reserve upcoming releases for you as far in advance as you want.

Backorders: We can backorder products that are out-of-stock with the manufacturer – you will get them as soon as they are available.

Expressions of Interest: Have you seen a product that you think you will want to buy? Let us know and we'll make sure to order it in. We will send you the price and release date when the official preorder window opens, at which point you can confirm your preorder if you're happy. In the event that there will not be enough stock for everyone we will inform you of this before the official preorder window opens so that you can look elsewhere.

Preorder Enquiry

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